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March 27, 2004

Manzano Day 3: Cyclist's medicine cabinet

Procycling.com | Manzano’s confessions continue despite death threats

Former Kelme rider Jesus Manzano continues his series of articles in AS (en Español) on doping practices Manzano says he participated in while with Kelme. Manzano says he's now received death threats for the accusations.

Friday's revelations focus on some specific substances he says he's used:

Oxyglobin: Oxyglobin is the substance Manzano alluded to on Day 1, when he mentioned a drug that would boost hemoglobin without boosting hematocrit. Looking at the company's web page, linked above, it looks like that's exactly what it does, by circulating freefloating hemoglobin.

Actovegin: Actovegin has been in the news before, when French media claimed to have found it in the trash near the US Postal team hotel during the 2000 Tour de France.

Nandrolone and testosterone: Chemically similar compounds that promote muscle growth, Nandrolone is the substance sprinter Ben Johnson was found to have used.

Cortisone: used as an anti-inflammatory and to speed recovery.

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I've heard that some pharmaceutical companies have created new substances that can not be found with a usual dope test. Do you know if it's true?

Posted by: Ambulance Girl at May 16, 2004 3:23:25 PM

It might be possible for a short period of time. I think if some people know how to create something more complicated there will always be other people who will learn it as well. Then a dope test will be revised.

Posted by: Ambulance Patient at May 17, 2004 3:05:44 PM