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March 19, 2004

Manzano: I'll provide proof of doping

The Independent | Kelme rider takes Spain to brink of drug scandal

In an interview with Marca (en Español), former Kelme rider Jesus Manzano says he has revealed doping techniques used by cyclists in a broadcast interview to be aired soon.

Manzano's former teammate Javier Pascual Llorente tested positive for EPO at last year's Tour, and is currently serving an 18-month ban from racing.

Manzano ... said he is "not going to do this like [Philippe] Gaumont" - the former French rider who recently described in detail a number of doping techniques used by cyclists. He said: "Instead I'm actually going to come out with solid proof."

Update: Procycling.com has a more complete and colorful translation of the interview:

The declarations, says today's issue of sports daily Marca, would "make what Philippe Gaumont said a few days ago in France seem like a children’s story".

Asked if he was motivated by thoughts of vengeance, Manzano says: "Yes, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Or, as they say in Colombia: you mess me around and I’ll mess you around… I’m not going to accuse any other rider of anything, this is purely about me, about things that have affected me."

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