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March 24, 2004

Leblanc: 'doubts' over Manzano claims

Yahoo! Sport | Tour de France director keeps options open on scandalized Kelme

Tour director Jean-Marie Leblanc says allegations by Jesus Manzano of doping on the Kelme squad last year don't necessarily exclude Kelme from a provisional spot in this year's Tour.

"I can't help but have some doubts over this wave of revelations," said Leblanc.

"They have to be checked and authenticated.

"If in the next few days it turns out that what Manzano said is true or false, we'll act accordingly.

"But my feeling is that mister Manzano is saying whatever he wants."

Manzano has made no secret that he wants revenge on the Kelme team, which released him after last year's Vuelta, allegedly for having sex with a woman in his hotel room during the race.

He also claimed that after putting 3,000 euros toward doping before the Tour, each Kelme rider made 811 euros in prize money from the 2003 Tour.

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