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May 23, 2004

Abt on Cipollini 'retirement'

The New York Times | Cipollini Suffers Angst of Long-Distance Rider

Samuel Abt has a story on Mario Cipollini's latest retirement in today's New York Times (free registration required). He goes into the posturing and grandiosity that have made Cipo's career, but even Abt seems uncertain whether Cipollini really means it this time:

"I'm leaving with a sense of incompleteness," Cipollini said. "After all that I've done, it's strange, at 37, to leave with that feeling."

That's Mario, his teammates responded. All he needs to set him right is a victory.

Quoting Cipollini's manager, Vincenzo Santoni:

Cipollini's lifestyle ... was no longer compatible with the team's regimen because he wants to sleep in suites while his teammates share rooms and "fly in business class when the rest of us are in economy."

Santoni said, "We wanted to have a training stage in Sicily, but he insisted on South Africa." (That cost about $82,000.)

"Et cetera," Santoni added, leaving that offense unexplained.

I suppose we'll know between now and July 3rd.

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