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May 24, 2004

Sheryl Crow in France promoting film and foundation

Reuters | Crow does Porter at Cannes do

Update on Sheryl Crow, who performed in Cannes Saturday, to support an MGM movie, "De-Lovely", about Cole Porter, in which she stars with Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd and Jonathan Pryce.

She laughed off rumours that she's moving to Europe and building a villa with boyfriend Lance Armstrong.

"That's just one of many, many things that I've heard about Lance and me," she said. "He's here training and I'm here with him and then when he finishes the Tour de France -- wait, when he finishes winning the Tour de France -- we'll be going back to America."

Crow also was promoting the Live Strong Yellow armbands that are symbols of a campaign by the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Nike.

Also, LanceArmstrong.com has now split most of its riding and racing news out to a new site at thePaceline.com, which is also the home page for Armstrong's fan club.

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If I was Sheryl Lance could go wherever he wants if I could hang in those sweet digs in Girona. Hey, I watch the Lance Chronicles!

Posted by: Noelle at May 24, 2004 9:21:45 PM