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July 22, 2004

Armstrong his 4th win; mark this one over

An incredible finish, as the hard climbs eliminated all but the contenders, and they had to shoot it out on the run-in to the finish.

Landis was the 1st to go, but the T-Mobiles saw a chance to gain on Basso, and pounced with 1 km to go. At 500 meters, Klöden sprinted for the line, but Armstrong was too strong, as he has been for the entire field, and took him at the line.

1) Armstrong
2) Klöden
3) Ullrich
4) Basso at :01
5) Landis at :13
6) Merckx at 1:01
7) Leipheimer at 1:01
8) Sastre at 1:02
9) Rasmussen at 1:02
10) Totschnig at 1:02
11) Azevedo at 1:02

1) Armstrong
2) Basso at 4:09
3) Kloden at 5:11
4) Ullrich at 8:08
5) Azevedo at 10:41

Thomas Voeckler, at 21:12 back, has 45 seconds on Vladimir Karpets in the white jersey competition.

Based on the strong finish by Azevedo, Landis, and Armstrong, US Postal is now 2nd in the team competition to T-Mobile, who took over the lead from CSC, now 3rd, after yesterday's time trial.

There's also a new lanterne rouge, as Jimmy Casper of Cofidis now trails Armstrong by 3:43:48, slipping behind Credit Agricole's Sébastian Joly, who is 3:42:24 back. That's a closer race than for the race lead...

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Hot damn, I cannot wait to see that finish on tv tonight.

Posted by: lancefan at Jul 22, 2004 4:01:00 PM

all i have to say is congrats on your 6th lance.. you da man..

Posted by: Shane Morris at Jul 22, 2004 6:56:37 PM

As a parting gesture at the final day on the podium; Lance should do an about face, drop his shorts, and tell the French cowards to kiss his Texas bred USA ASS. This country and it's people, especially the reporters who keep accusing him of doping are just not worthy!!!

Posted by: John C. Van Voorhis at Jul 23, 2004 11:24:07 AM