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July 07, 2004

Armstrong takes over Tour lead

BBC SPORT |  Armstrong takes Tour lead

Lance Armstrong took control of the Tour de France Wednesday, as his US Postal Service team rode the third-fastest team time trial in Tour history, despite wind and heavy rain.

Postal averaged 53.71 kilometers an hour, or 33.37 miles an hour, on the 64.5-kilometer course.

"It really was a special day for the team. The team was incredible. The rhythm was perfect," said Armstrong.

"That's the sign of a great team. We fought hard," he said.


Eurosport | Lance's yellow jersey day

"Our objective is not to defend the jersey," Armstrong -- still incapable of hiding his smile -- said, acknowledging that, with another five days of sprint stages on the horizon, his American team isn't ready to burn its gas to keep the jersey at all costs.

"We're willing to give the jersey to someone else," Armstrong said, before adding, "But just for a little while!"

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The NEW rules are ridiculous ! The only reason the French would do that is to prevent Lance from his 6th Tour win. The rule makes absolutely no sense. A race is based on the time it takes a person or group to get from one place to another, not if you come in 2nd we'll tag on an arbitrary number. The French are a funny people !

Patrick Norman

Posted by: Patrick Norman at Jul 7, 2004 8:24:11 PM

What is the deal with the official letour.fe site? Is it just me or is it really lame?

Posted by: Chris at Jul 8, 2004 12:08:10 AM