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July 12, 2004

Graham Watson: Come Wednesday we'll know...

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Graham Watson has the best seat in the house for the Tour, on the back of the lead photographer's motorcycle. His beautiful race photography sets the standard among cycling photographers, and he's been following Lance Armstrong's career from SLR range since the beginning.

Armstrong and Watson have collaborated on a book of Watson's photos of Armstrong. Probably the only people who have watched Armstrong more are Chris Carmichael and Johan Bruyneel.

Watson has heard rumblings in the peloton that some riders think Armstrong's worry over the early crashes indicate an Armstrong with too much on the line, one who will break in the mountains like Indurain and Lemond finally did.

Come Wednesday we'll know if Lance has come through the crashes okay - come Thursday we'll see if his rivals are finding him weak and therefore vulnerable. But come Friday and Saturday, if no such frailties have been discovered, Armstrong will take flight and get his retaliation in first, and take another step towards an unassailable lead even before the Alps. Many people have spoken of the Alpe d'Huez as being the most crucial of this entire Tour - but to anyone who really knows Armstrong, he has no intention of waiting until then to win this Tour. He wants to be back in Yellow well before then, to be leading this Tour with a decent-enough time-gap - and to then use that Alpe d'Huez test as a platform for the ultimate one-man virtuoso performance of this Tour de France. To do that, he will need to use the Pyrenees as a scintillating dress-rehearsal...

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Posted by: Lance Armstrong at Jul 12, 2004 3:52:36 PM

I have a question? I was at a cycling event back in May in Pittsburgh,PA called Pedal Pittsburgh.There was a gentleman there by the name John Michael Fetcik from Johnstown,PA.He was signing pictures of himself and he said he was part of Discovery Cycling Team and he rides with Lance Armstrong.I have been surfing the internet and cannot find any information on him.Can anybody tell me if this gentleman is on the team and rides with Lance or was he trying to pull a fast one on those who attended the event.Please e-mail me at [email protected] if this gentleman is part of the team or not.

Thank You,
Pete Maruhnich,

Posted by: Pete Maruhnich at Jun 22, 2005 11:31:00 PM