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July 13, 2004

Interview with US Olympian Kristin Armstrong

The Idaho Statesman | Kristin on Lance, phones and Diet Coke

Boise's Idaho Statesman chats with hometown Olympic cyclist Kristin "No Relation" Armstrong, who has to be getting tired of hearing that she has the same name as a certain 5-time Tour winner's ex-wife.

Kristin Armstrong came to the sport through triathlon, just like Lance, but Kristin rides for T-Mobile, the dominant US women's team. She had to give up running because of osteoarthritis and her talent and tri experience took her from regional cycling to an Olympic berth in only 2 years:

I realize I haven't competed as a pure cyclist for long but you can't discount the experience I have had as a triathlete competing at a world-class level. When you reach the top and are racing amongst the best it is more than fitness that gets you the win. The psychological aspect is great.

Armstrong used Boise's HP Women's Challenge, the biggest race in the US for women, as a springboard to a pro contract.

She's another iPod-using Armstrong, but she's got the mini.

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