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July 18, 2004

Julich resets his Tour sights after crash

cyclingnews.com | BobbyJ down but not out

CSC's Bobby Julich took a fall while retrieving water during Saturday's Stage 13:

"I went back to get bottles at the top of the Cold de Core and Bjarne gave me one bottle and then I took another one and kind of held on to it. Then he had to swerve to the left, I was on his left, to avoid a cameraman or something in the way. So I kind of bounced off the car and got my handlebar caught on the mirror. Obviously that threw me to the left and I think I would have been OK, but there just happened to be a Gerolsteiner rider on my left, so I ran into him and lost my balance and wound up falling on my right side, which is exactly where I hit hard the other day. At first, it felt like my back was going to be the problem, but when I started going, I couldn't even hold the handlebars. Going uphill wasn't so bad but going downhill was really tough, trying to brake. That was a big change of fortune in a couple of seconds."

Today's GrahamWatson.com gallery shows Julich favoring that wrist and getting some medical attention for it.

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