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July 11, 2004

McEwen mouths off

procycling | Gerolsteiner furious with McEwen

Robbie McEwen was held up behind the crash Friday 1 km from the finish line, when Rene Haselbacher fell, and was (apparently) run over by Saeco's Gilberto Simoni.

Apparently, McEwen, remembering another crash that included Haselbacher, got off his bike and approached the Austrian, lying on the ground with a broken nose and three broken ribs:

"I was lying on the ground, the doctor holding my head, when McEwen came up to me and screamed in my face: 'You’re doing the same shit as last year.'

Haselbacher says his handlebars broke during the sprint, leaving him unable to steer his bike.

“I’ve never met anyone as unsportsmanlike as McEwen. I hope he doesn’t win the green jersey, because one thing is clear: this small man will never be a great athlete.”

Can you tell us how you really feel, Rene?

“I’d rather never see him again. He can kiss my ass. We were never friends but now he’s really non-existent to me,” Haselbacher said in an interview with the German website Sport1.

Postal's Floyd Landis, however, points out that Haselbacher wasn't going for a stage win or anything:

Note: Don't sprint for 35th place! That crash Friday was ridiculous. The guy Hasselbacher who crashed was in 35th place when he ran into the barriers. Don't do it... you just get injured!

Don't look for Lotto-Domo and Gerolsteiner working together anytime soon.

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My least favorite thing about cycling is cyclists... at least when they act like this. Every sport has prima donnas, but cycling has more than its fair share.

Posted by: Dusty at Jul 12, 2004 4:43:56 AM