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July 04, 2004

McGee: "I can't go on suffering like that"

BBC SPORT | Injury worry for McGee

BBC Sport reports that Brad McGee's problem is with his back, but it manifests itself in his hips and legs:

"My back is just cut in half and I can't feel my legs. My feet are numb and I can't get any power out.

"I'm going to get it looked at and try and find out more, but I can't go on suffering like that."

McGee said his hips are "out of place and are falling in and out of where they are supposed to be, and today they were definitely out.

If McGee drops out, the record Aussie contingent, which was slated to be 10, would be down to 7, after Matthew White's accident before the prologue, and Nick Gates finishing outside the control on today's stage.

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