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July 01, 2004

Millar unlikely to ride Olympics

The Herald | Millar career in ruins as judge orders investigation

The story in the Scottish Herald newspaper goes into a little more detail on Millar's Thursday hearing.

Of the EPO syringes found at Millar's home in Biarritz, his attorney says Millar "was keeping them as souvenirs."

Looks like David Millar will be dropped by Cofidis, which continues to repeat that they "will adopt a zero-tolerance policy on doping."

Millar has been suspended by the British Cycling Federation, which may influence the British Olympic Association on Athens selections:

The BOA, though, were sticking by their wait-and-see policy. "We have 192 athletes selected for the Games and we are not aware of any of these athletes having committed a doping offence," said the spokesman, Philip Pope.

However, it seems inconceivable that Millar can possibly travel to Greece as a self-confessed drug user.

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