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July 07, 2004

Simoni's senior moment

Eurosport | Whoops

One interesting side effect of the, um, funky time trial rules is that riders gapped by their team are given their time, and don't get the bonus. That's why Eddy Seigneur was eliminated when he soloed in after getting dropped by his RAGT team during the TTT.

The slippery cobbled finish claimed some time from one rider with high hopes: Gilberto Simoni and a couple of his teammates slid into the barriers, and Simoni was slowest back on the bike. His teammates weren't sure whether to finish or not, so Simoni crossed the line 6 seconds after the rest of his team.

Since he was gapped by his team, he doesn't get the time bonus limiting their damage, so where all his teammates clocked in at 1:30 behind US Postal, Simoni was way back at 2:42 on the day.

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