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August 04, 2004

Klöden shopping teams

Eurosport | Klöden on the market

Tour de France runner-up Andreas Klöden is shopping for a new squad next year. The German champion for 2004 couldn't get an extension from T-Mobile, and so may be riding under a different banner next year.

Klöden is managed by Tony Rominger, former hour record holder, who said his rider needs a new squad where he can be the undisputed team leader, suggesting T-Mobile will continue to rider Jan Ullrich for a few more years.

"T-Mobile has a good structure, but if Andreas wants to ride next season as a team leader, he'll have to change," commented Rominger.

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I swear I just read yesterday that Kloden, while considering other offers, was almost certainly going to stay with T-Mobile. Can I be confusing him with somebody else?

What was all that hooey we kept hearing during the Tour that Kloden had no desire to be team leader, and wasn't even capable of it, that he was too meek and timid, or some such thing? lol.

Posted by: lancefan at Aug 4, 2004 2:08:36 PM

Looks like contract negotiations to me: He's 29, and if he's to remain an über-domestique, they need to pay him almost like a team leader, since he could probably lead a number of other teams.

The two sides are probably still far apart on numbers, so Rominger is opening discussions with other teams in the hope that T-Mobile will see their way clear to give Andreas a better deal. If they don't, he's gotta negotiate with the other teams anyway.

Or that's what I'm guessing.

Posted by: Frank at Aug 4, 2004 2:16:40 PM