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September 23, 2004

Hamilton 'B' samples: Positive for Vuelta, negative in Athens

Eurosport | New nail in Hamilton coffin?

Apparently, Tyler Hamilton's second test from the Vuelta has come back positive, while his second test from the Olympic Games, where he won a gold medal in the ITT, has come back negative.

Phonak said Hamilton will remain on the team "until 'clarity' was achieved."

The team said it planned to set up a "scientific board" to check the reliability of the test method, which was introduced only this year. Neither the IOC or cycling's ruling body (UCI) has made an official announcement on either test.

From CyclingNews.com:

"...team management has decided to establish a scientific board in order to achieve clarity as to the medical method and reliability of these new blood testing tools. This scientific board will consist of various scientists with outstanding reputations in this field. Those scientists will be teamed up from different sources and will look into the entire method and data and report as to whether the analysis conducted at the lab in Lausanne in connection with the B-testing is reliable."

VeloNews includes a statement from Hamilton (bottom of the page):

I guarantee that I represented the United States of America as an honest, clean and proud athlete. As the Olympic Committee did not promptly inform me of the alleged anti-doping violation until one month after the event on August 18, 2004, it was not possible to defend myself before. Regardless of this I will prove my innocence.

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