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November 24, 2004

Landis speaks on Phonak problems

www.cyclingnews.com | Worried but optimistic

Cyclingnews.com offers up an interview with the world's fastest Mennonite, Floyd Landis, on the possibility that his new Phonak team will be shut out of the ProTour after Tyler Hamilton and Santiago Perez testing positive for blood doping, Oscar Camenzind getting suspended for EPO, and the team doctor exiting stage left.

Landis says he has an exit clause in his Phonak contract, but can't take advantage of it just yet:

"I have an exit clause in my contract but I can't leave until I know for sure whether Phonak is in the Pro Tour, so there is no point in looking yet," he says. "I really don't want to leave Phonak. I signed with this team for many reason and I'd like to stay. I think the other teams out there know that I would be free at that point if it comes to Phonak being excluded from the ProTour, but I believe the UCI will make it work."

Landis had a great 2004 season, leading the Vuelta for a couple of weeks and riding strong on the deciding stages of the Tour in support of Lance Armstrong at US Postal.

Wherever he rides, Landis is training toward the big tours for 2005:

"I'm hoping that there will be a couple of races where I can be the designated leader," he explains. "Whether it's the Vuelta, the Giro or even the Tour, I'm not sure yet. It all depends what happens with Tyler. One thing I'll do for sure is start a little slower. This year I was fit in February but if you want to be really ready for July the better plan is to take it a little slower."

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