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February 16, 2005

And hands that smell of liniment

USATODAY.com | 10 Worst Jobs in Sports

USA Today offers a look at life on the road for a professional soigneur, the masseuse/cook/caretakers of the peloton.

Dede (Demet) Barry on what her husband Michael's soigneur had to deal with in 2002:

"Michael crashed in the Vuelta a Espana in 2002 and was then dragged by a motorbike which screeched to a halt and landed on his chest," she recalls.

"He was covered in road rash head to toe and was bleeding everywhere. He managed to remount his bike and pedal to the finish where Elvio began to clean his wounds. It took an hour and a half and they had to clean out road grit from every wound in his body while he was squirming in pain, sweating profusely and biting a pillow."

Seen at Velogal's Race Blog.

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