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February 16, 2005

Floyd Landis on Phonak '05

PezCycling | Interview: Floyd Talks to PEZ!

PezCycling has the first of two parts of an interview with the World's Fastest Mennonite, Floyd Landis.

Landis was perhaps the biggest hoss on a squad of Clydesdales with last year's US Postal team, and one of my biggest disappointments was that he didn't quite have the oats to nose out Ullrich and Klöden at the end of Stage 17.

With Tyler Hamilton out of the picture, Landis looks likely to lead the Phonak team in one or more grand tours this year (Landis: "If we end up doing the Tour, then I think I would end up being the leader").

He also talks a little about how other riders are going to have to step up into leadership roles, since the new ProTour requires teams to race every date on the calendar.

PEZ promises that Part 2 will look toward the coming season and changes between last year at Postal and this year with Phonak.

Update: Part 2 is available now.

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Dear Floyd

I wish you the best with your new taem

Posted by: Marie-Louise at Feb 28, 2005 1:08:25 PM