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March 16, 2005

Armstrong says he's behind in Tour prep

SI.com | Armstrong 'little bit behind' training for Tour

In Paris to accept the Trophee L'Academie des Sports, Lance Armstrong said he probably shouldn't have started his season at the weather-shortened Paris-Nice last week.

"I'm going to try and get in shape. I have to admit I'm a little bit behind, more than I would normally be," Armstrong said. "I picked Paris-Nice for a lot of reasons that were decided before. Perhaps I shouldn't have started with a race like Paris-Nice."

The shortened stages were run at very high speeds, not exactly conducive to riding your way into shape.

Armstrong also revisited his comments on the 2012 Olympic Games, picked up and run with by the New York Post:

"As an American my heart has to be with New York City, and I have to support the bid for New York City," he said. "But you also have to be fair and say Paris has a good bid. Are they deserving cities for the Olympic Games? Absolutely. They're great cities, legendary cities, historical cities.

"Perhaps I wasn't strong enough when I said my vote was for New York City. Since it wasn't strong enough they said 'He's a traitor. He's a weasel."

Associated Press notes that Armstrong wore "a sharp Ralph Lauren suit" and was accompanied by Sheryl Crow.


CyclingNews published an interview Euro editor Tim Maloney did with Armstrong last Wednesday, as Johan Bruyneel was considering pulling Armstrong from Paris-Nice.

Of note, Armstrong downplayed the likelihood of an hour record attempt, joking "We're considering breaking into the subway station in Brussels to take Eddy Merckx's bike. How do the purists like that?" If, after the Tour, Armstrong's camp decides to attempt the record, he says there will be attempts both at altitude and at sea level.

Armstrong also plays the Tugboat card, discussing his new yellow labrador, Rex, who has problems with his heart valve.

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