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March 31, 2005

Armstrong's assistant says he saw androgens

MSNBC | Armstrong faces new drug allegation

Mike Anderson, the former personal assistant embroiled in a lawsuit with Lance Armstrong, said in a brief filed in the suit that he found a box labeled "Androstenine, or something very close to this" in Armstrong's Girona apartment in early 2004.

Anderson said he checked the product name on the WADA or USADA website, verifying that it was a banned substance, then put the box back, fearing for his job. Later, after Armstrong left to train in the Canary Islands, Anderson said he looked for the box, but didn't find it.

Anderson's attorney says his client never saw Armstrong take steroids, but the brief says the two discussed drugs in sports, and Armstrong said "Everyone does it."

Anderson went to work for Armstrong in November 2002, and worked on his bikes, shopped for food, and did other odd jobs. He asked for and received a raise in late 2004, but was fired soon after, and offered a severance package totalling about $7,000. Anderson says Armstrong also demanded a confidentiality agreement with $1 million liability.

Armstrong's company filed suit first, claiming that Anderson had demanded $500,000, an autographed jersey, and help setting up a bike shop. Anderson countersued for fraud, breach of contract, and emotional distress. He claims Armstrong had promised the help when he was offered a job via Blackberry.

The MSNBC story above has a poll asking if people think Armstrong has used "banned substances"; it's currently running 76 percent "No".

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