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May 04, 2005

Discovery makes Tour pre-selection

ThePaceLine.com (free reg. req.) | TdF finalists Announced

Discovery Channel announced the 11 riders with a shot to make its 2005 Tour squad today. The only possible surprise is that Leif Hoste, from the team's classics squad, is on the list. All 11:

Lance Armstrong
Jose Azevedo
Manuel Beltran
George Hincapie
Leif Hoste
Benoit Joachim
Benjamin Noval
Pavel Padrnos
Yaroslav Popovych
José-Luis Rubiera
Paolo Savoldelli

Looks like the speculation in the Ekimov post's comments was pretty much on-target. The 7 remaining 2004 Tour riders are all here, plus Joachim, Hoste, and new Discos Popovych and Savoldelli.

Also, RoadCycling.com quotes Johan Bruyneel that Ekimov has no intentions of retiring as a result of his accident last week.

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