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May 03, 2005

OLN extends weekend Giro coverage, offers for-pay weekday coverage

olntv.com | Outdoor Life Network 2005 Cycling Schedule

Outdoor Life Network will offer two hours of coverage for each Saturday and Sunday stage of this year's Giro d'Italia. If 16 hours of Phil Liggett, Bob Roll and Paul Sherwen won't cut it, they're also selling web-streaming of the weekday coverage ("without commercial interruption") for $5.95.

No word on the technical details, and no sign-up is yet available, but it's likely to be linked from their main cycling page when it is.

You can download their release (in Microsoft Word format(?)) here.

Update: the service is provided through MediaZone in Windows Media, with no Mac support.

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OLN is focusing so much on the TdF, what do they plan to do to expand a base of coverage? They are proving everyone out that they really just care about covering Armstrong and really don't give a damn about cycling on the whole.

Posted by: Jamie Thingelstad at May 4, 2005 9:49:09 PM

Have noticed anything about the site you are on? If you look closely, you will see Armstrong and Discovery all over just about every 'cycling' thing you pick up, turn on, or log onto. They are at the top. The top gets the attention.

They draw people in. The make people want to watch and that makes the ones that are truly interested dig a little deeper.

I've learned a lot about cycling from OLN coverage. They do talk about other teams and other riders. They do a very good job of covering the sports and the events.

If you notice, Armstrong isn't in the Giro, but they are expanding coverage if it.

Until we have the numbers to support a 24 hour cycling channel (on Discovery Networks) I will take what I can get. OLN is doing a great job and filling a service.

If you don't like how they are handling it, turn your TV off and go ride your bike.


Posted by: Rydi Qule at May 6, 2005 10:23:17 AM

Oh :(

I've been waiting all week for them to put the "sign up" page live, and then when they do it's "USA only".


Anyone know if/where online coverage is available for the UK?

Posted by: Iain Roberts at May 6, 2005 12:16:17 PM

Be aware (or glad, depending on where you stand) that this is Liggot/Sherwin/Roll-free streaming. You'll get to hear the tifosi in all their glory, but no commentary. I'm planning on split-screening the video streaming with the written commentary from VeloNews or CyclingNews.

Posted by: vinovelo at May 6, 2005 5:41:34 PM

You can also get live audio on eurosport.com

I'm very annoyed with OLN canada not picking up the giro. Last night instead of the giro there was a dog program and infomercial between 5 and 7.

Posted by: Ben at May 8, 2005 10:48:34 AM

I don't want streaming video!
I want to see the race recap each day (2 hours) during the week like you did with the Tour De France last year. I want to be educated & entertained by Bob Roll & the boys.
A lot of us are online via telephone modem & the low connection speed makes streaming impractical. Also the charge for this "service" just seems like crass commercialism. Maybe you need better sponsors?
I find it very disappointing that the three great races can't be covered as they should be.
Fred Jacobs
Bloomfield, CA

Posted by: Fred Jacobs at May 9, 2005 1:19:42 AM

They didn't EXPAND coverage, they cut back. In 2004 they had daily (two hour plus) live coverage, and repeated an edited version several times throughout the day. In 2003 they did the same, and ALSO did that for the Vuelta. Last year they cut the Vuelta down into a two hour recap.

That said, it's really about them being able to sell advertising. The previous level of coverage was a bit overboard, especially last years TdF. They should have tried for a happy medium: live in the A.M. and an edited version in the P.M. Or just the two-hour edited version, but daily. It's hard to sell advertising for 16 hours of cycling.

Posted by: Kat Becker at May 26, 2005 12:40:04 PM

Although the TdF is interesting and the commentators: Phil, Paul & Bob are ok. Lance isn't even the real story any more. The real part of the TdF that I live for is seeing Kiersten Gum everyday. Last year she sported a new rack and this year is sporting a new CFM do.

Posted by: oh yeah at Jun 6, 2005 8:55:34 PM

How can we watch the Tour live if we don't have a TV.

Posted by: Kathy Mitchley at Jul 2, 2005 3:29:41 PM

Can we watch the Tour de France on computer, pay or free? We do not receive OLN. Your cycling coverage is the best.

Posted by: Kathy Fosnaugh at Jul 3, 2005 9:18:07 PM