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June 18, 2005

Beefcake Boonen

SportWereld | Boonen zeg ja tegen Playboy

So there's a picture of QuickStep's Tom Boonen in Belgium's online editions of SportWereld magazine clad only in jeans pulled almost entirely off his hips.

I can't make out the text, but it looks like the picture may be from an alternative lifestyle magazine (in Dutch, “een magazine voor homo's en lesbiennes”). Clarifications welcome -- if you find Boonen dreamy, then this is the link for you.

Posted by Frank Steele on June 18, 2005 in Tom Boonen | Permalink


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Hi there, I had a look at the SportWereld link and from my understanding of Dutch, albeit limited, the gist is that Boonen has become such a superstar that everyone wants to interview him now. It quotes the Quickstep press officer saying that the Spanish edition of Playboy have forwarded questions and that if Boonen responds, the article will appear during the Vuelta in September.

Then it says that among other publications, one for gays and lesbians is angling for an interview, and quotes the press officer saying during the Swiss Tour he's given 10 interviews and 20 more (presumably including the gays) are waiting.

The photo credit is "TDW", whatever that is - perhaps a photo agency.

So the SportsWereld article isn't about Boonen actually appearing in a gay magazine - not that there's anything wrong with that of course ;)

Posted by: Mike in Melbourne at Jun 18, 2005 3:34:56 AM

"not that there's anything wrong with that" -- LOL, nice one, Mike. :D

Continuing the "Seinfeld" theme - if Boonen decides to pursue a career as a male porn, erm, I mean, "adult entertainment" star, post-cycling, will he go by the name "Buck Naked?" (Of course there are additional possibilities based on the proper Dutch pronunciation of his last name. ;)

Posted by: EWM at Jun 20, 2005 5:07:48 PM

Hi , yess indeed Mike all correct . Those picture has been used in a simple magazine .nothing wrong . But it is true . Tom has almoast become hot for girls and boys .
There's even a picture for one of his sponsors (Lazer helmets) in his naked but : never without it ....
and here in Belgium he is the new god after Merckx , Museeuw ...

Posted by: steff at Jul 4, 2005 9:11:14 AM