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June 08, 2005

Graham Watson TT galleries up, now offering more prints

Floyd “Obree” Landis, Botero, Leipheimer in yellow from GrahamWatson.com

I love Graham Watson's work, and have a variety of books, calendars, etc., in which it's featured. I had always wondered why, with the technology seemingly available for it, his website didn't offer on-demand prints.

He has always sold prints of insanely popular pictures, like the flag cowboy at last year's Tour. If, on the other hand, you're Fabian Cancellara's mom, and you want a picture of him in the yellow jersey after last year's prologue, you've been out of luck.

But no more. Now, the great one is offering custom prints of most (all?) the images in his daily race update. Prices range from $82 for an 8 x 12" print to $120 for 12 x 18".

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