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June 27, 2005

"Jan ist so dreamy"

Sara Steinhauser
Sara Steinhauser
Bild.de | Sara: Jan hat ein so großes Herz (in German)

Bild.de | Ullrich: "Sara is die tollste Frau der Welt" (again, in German)

1997 Tour winner Jan Ullrich has a new girlfriend: Sara Steinhauser, the 28-year-old sister of T-Mobile teammate Tobias Steinhauser.

Ullrich is coming off an 11-year relationship with Gaby Weiss, with whom he has a daughter, Sarah.

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Eurosport's amusing take on Ullrich's latest Liebesdrama:

"Ullrich, 31, separated from his long-term girlfriend, and mother of their two-year old child Sarah, Gaby Weiss, back in May this year. But German tabloid Bild announced on Monday that the five-time Tour runner-up had found new love in the arms of pal [Tobias] Steinhauser's sister, Sara.

"But while Ulle trains hard for July's headline event, calm in the knowledge that his blond filly Sara will be there to nurse his thighs and massage his back after a hard day in the saddle, team-mates [Andreas] Klöden and [Erik] Zabel are less than impressed."

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