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July 09, 2005

Baden Cooke's Tour depantsing

procycling | Tour st 7: Good day, bad day

Procycling addresses one of the biggest mysteries of the Tour so far -- what does Française des Jeux think it's doing at the end of the sprint stages?

Bad day:

Baden Cooke: The Francaise des Jeux rider’s loss of form over the past two seasons is one of professional cycling’s great mysteries. The same could be said of the hairstyle which Cooke is sporting at this year’s Tour – a ‘do’ which could be the first and is hopefully the last of the mullet Mohicans. To pull off an aberration like that you need to be good, very good, and Cooke simply hasn’t been that for the best part of two seasons. It pains us to see Bradley McGee wasting precious energy to ‘pilot’ Cooke for such meagre rewards.

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i think that's slightly unfair
Cooke has suffered multiple injuries over the last two seasons
so he is not in his 2003 green jersey winning form, but give the guy a break
-agree about the hair though

Posted by: nadine at Jul 16, 2005 1:40:07 AM