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July 07, 2005

Bernucci takes demolition derby; Vinokourov grabs some time

Hometown boy Christophe Mengin, the final survivor of a long breakaway, slid out of the stage's last turn, taking all the race's A-list sprinters with him. Looked like he hit the crosswalk paint, which was wet and slick. One by one, Jaan Kirsipuu, Allan Davis, Tom Boonen, Robbie McEwen, and Stuart O'Grady all stacked up against the barricades.

The late stage crash gave the win to Fassa Bortolo's Lorenzo Bernucci, who had followed T-Mobile's Alexandre Vinokourov on an attack out of the field. Bernucci and Vinokourov, riding immediately behind Mengin, were able to correct their line, avoid the pavement paint, and stay upright, with Vinokourov pulling his inside foot off the pedal just in case.

UPDATE 12:08 pm Eastern Race officials initially posted wrong standings for the day; there are a few wire stories going out with the wrong results. Here are the new standings, posted around noon Eastern:

official Tour site:

1) Lorenzo Bernucci, Fassa Bortolo, 4:12:52
2) Alexandre Vinokourov, T-Mobile, same time
3) Robert Forster, Gerolsteiner, at :07
4) Angelo Furlan, Domina Vacanze, same time
5) Thor Hushovd, Credit Agricole, same time
6) Kim Kirchen, Fassa Bortolo, same time
7) Gianluca Bortolami, Lampre-Caffita, same time
8) Egoi Martinez, Euskaltel-Euskadi, same time
9) Gerrit Glomser, Lampre-Caffita, same time
10) Kurt-Asle Arvesen, CSC, same time
16) Bobby Julich, CSC, same time
19) Jan Ullrich, T-Mobile, same time
25) Santiago Botero, Phonak, same time
30) Michael Rogers, Quick Step, same time
31) George Hincapie, Discovery, same time
32) Lance Armstrong, Discovery, same time
36) Chris Horner, Saunier Duval-Prodir, same time
42) Floyd Landis, Phonak, same time
43) Levi Leipheimer, Gerolsteiner, same time
50) Iban Mayo, Euskaltel-Euskadi, same time

1) Armstrong
2) Hincapie, at :55
3) Vinokourov, at 1:02
4) Jens Voigt, CSC, at 1:04
5) Julich, at 1:07
9) Ullrich, at 1:24

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Crash rule?

Or are Jean-Marie and the boys so eager to see Lance fail that they contradict their own regulations?

Posted by: Jason O. at Jul 7, 2005 11:27:12 AM

That is strange. Given that Vinokourov (and Bernucci) were ahead of the bunch, I think they deserves their finishing times. But surely, the whole bunch deserves to be clocked at 7 seconds behind.

Posted by: Dennis at Jul 7, 2005 11:50:58 AM

They have updated the times taking into account the crash rule:


They put the peloton 7 seconds behind Vino and Bernucci. That is why OLN downplayed it.

Posted by: Max at Jul 7, 2005 12:14:55 PM

Vino picks up 19 seconds-12 bonus for finishing second and 7 seconds ahead. Vino rocks! Watch out for him....he will attatck or die trying. Don't be surprised seeing him contest 3 second bonus sprints either. Will Lance match Vino's attacks? Will he learn anything from this? I'm psyched to see how this plays out!

Posted by: Bill Hue at Jul 7, 2005 12:17:03 PM

Sorry about the multiple posts!

Posted by: Bill Hue at Jul 7, 2005 12:26:25 PM

Any info available on how Steve Zampieri of Phonak ended up losing so much time, i.e., last by 11+ minutes?? I haven't been able to find anything on him yet.

Posted by: Nancy Toby at Jul 7, 2005 3:03:24 PM

Nancy, there's a mention at the Phonak team page, but only in German.

Google's translator spits out:

"Directeur Sportif Jacques Michaud accompanied the fatigued Steve Zampieri in the fight against the control conclusion on the last 60 kilometers. "

Which means, I assume, that he was dancing on the edge of elimination. That's all I see, so far, but I'll keep an eye out.

Posted by: Frank at Jul 7, 2005 3:39:20 PM

Thanks for the response! That's just about the same translation I got from Babelfish. :) It sounds like he's ill, poor guy, because he's suddenly 11 minutes off the back. Now I'm searching for the Claudio Corioni abandonment story, but the Fasso Bartolo site (all in Italian) is even less helpful than the Phonak site!!!

Posted by: Nancy Toby at Jul 7, 2005 4:07:56 PM

I'm curious about the crash rule. I assume it doesn't apply in the mountains.

If I'm a GC contender and Armstrong is blowing by me at the 3 km mark - rather than lose 5 mins to him, I "fall off" my bike and get awarded the same time.

Posted by: Dave at Jul 7, 2005 4:17:00 PM


It's not a hard and fast rule: Race officials reserve the right to alter any rule if they feel it's being abused. Hence you would take your own time if you "flopped" off you bike.

Posted by: Jason O. at Jul 7, 2005 4:47:38 PM

If that swollen eye socket is any indication, Christophe Mengin should have a helluva shiner today. So close but yet so far to the stage win near his hometown.

Posted by: Devans at Jul 8, 2005 9:16:47 AM