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July 03, 2005

CyclingNews monster Stage 2 photo gallery

www.cyclingnews.com | Stage 2 Photo Gallery

Vino's Kazakh jersey Boonen's stage win Voeckler in maillot pois
Vino your Kazakh champ, Boonen takes the stage, and
Voeckler finds a jersey from cyclingnews.com

CyclingNews.com has a huge photo gallery today, with more than 90 photos in all. If you've got a favorite rider, he's likely in there. Also, the first devil-sighting (what?) of the year.

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Don't mess with Texas!!!!! So y'all can just sit back and enjoy the ride..Lance will take care of all y'all!

Lance is hot and gunnin' for seven...
he's all suited up with his engines revvin'
Eat his dust in the those time trials
While in the mountains he makes 'em broil
Lance's Express is on its way
Deep into Tour de France HISTORY!
Six times they tried and six times they failed
Seven's no different - he's got it nailed
He's #!....He IS THE MAN
SO as he passes...give him a hand!

Posted by: david dedrickson at Jul 3, 2005 11:03:35 PM