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July 05, 2005

CyclingNews TTT photo gallery

cyclingnews.com | Tour de France Stage 4 Team Time Trial

Disco butt check Heras was strong Popo's 1st jersey; probably not last
Disco butt-check, Heras resurgent and Popo's first jersey: cyclingnews.com


Velogal.smugmug.com | Velogal's Tour de France 2005 Stage 4

Sammarye “Velogal” Lewis has started posting some galleries at smugmug.com: You can order (very reasonably priced) prints of any of her shots, mostly off-the-bike shots. Today, she caught Robbie McEwen, apparently still arguing over his relegation yesterday in Stage 3.

Lewis is a co-author of Tour de France for Dummies.

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Heras il é tro for j l m tro se gar la!!!!!

Posted by: Ludo at Jul 11, 2005 12:47:10 PM