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July 10, 2005

Flickr-ing the Tour

So I had hoped this year to find dozens of people taking advantage of social photo services like Flickr to post their Tour photos.

Unlike most sports events played in controlled access stadiums, the Tour is run on public roads without admission, and the scale of the event, covering more than 100 miles most days makes it hard to be well positioned as a photographer.

Enter social networks: I can't be everywhere, but if 100 people lining the course cooperate, someone could photograph every single mile of most stages.

Unfortunately, through the early stages of the Tour, most of the photos tagged "tourdefrance" were pictures of people's TV sets.

I haven't seen much better at Buzznet, and Velogal seems to have SmugMug all to herself.

Am I missing some somewhere?

Fortunately, Oliver Regelmann has rectified that, going out to document the Tour's visit to Karlsruhe, and the opening miles of Stage 8.

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There's a few more photos up now, with a lot from this user:


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