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July 07, 2005

Maybe it's your mattress

Textura Design | McEwen Diss ad

Armstrong 'icon' wheel
Fatigué? Reposé!
Byron over at Textura Design found a scan online of the ad that Robbie McEwen's team said they used to motivate the Aussie to his Stage 5 win.

One of Boonen's sponsors, Innergetic, makes mattresses, and added captions to the finish photo from Stage 3, when McEwen was relegated for leaning into Stuart O'Grady.

McEwen, his head leaned on O'Grady's shoulder like an exhausted toddler, is labeled "Fatigué?" (tired?), while Boonen, charging to the stage win, gets "Reposé!" (well rested).

From procycling.com's story yesterday, after McEwen took Stage 5:

It emerged this evening that Quick Step pleaded with Innergetic not to run the advertisement, fearing that it might inspire McEwen and his Lotto-Davitamon team-mates. “Davitamon makes vitamins, so maybe tomorrow they’ll place an ad suggesting that Tom didn’t take his vitamins,” McEwen joked.


rec.bicycles.racing | Ad from today's L'Equipe

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