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July 03, 2005

Stage 1 TT graph

Stage 1 TT graph
Z and Tex: 2 kms/hour up on the whole field
Robert Chung has traditionally taken big-league time trials and graphed the riders with 1st half average speed on 1 axis and 2nd half average speed on the other. He posts the results to the Usenet news group rec.bicycles.racing.

The graphs have occasionally been reposted when riders who were clearly outliers, riding significantly faster than everyone else, later turn up with positive drug tests. David Millar's (later revoked) TT world championship was one such case, Tyler Hamilton's (later revoked) Vuelta TT win was another. Here's a post that links four of those.

He's posted his graph for yesterday's Stage 1, a small part of which is reproduced at right. Here's the whole thing and the discussion of it on rec.bicycles.racing.

This graph gives you a good idea of how dominant Zabriskie and Armstrong were yesterday.


Bicycling.com | Floyd's Performance: Stage 1

At Bicycling, Allen Lim looks at this from the other direction, estimating the drag and power for each of the riders in the top 10 yesterday. For Landis, they have measured numbers, since he's riding with a PowerTap rear hub.

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