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July 02, 2005

Stage 1 updates

Ullrich with bandage on neck
Dave Zabriskie @
Tour de Georgia ITT
CSC's Dave Zabriskie is the early leader at Stage 1: His 20:51 has held the top place for more than an hour against some pretty good time trialers. Usually, the early times can't stand up to the big boys still to come, but that's a fast time, and should at least rank highly at day's end.

BBC Sport quotes Zabriskie:

The American tells BBC Sport at the finish: "I spent the whole time not being able to hear crowd because I had team boss Bjarne Riis in the ear telling me to catch the motorbike."

Klöden comes in at 22:52. Vladimir Karpets was one rider some people predicted could take this stage: He finished in 21:56. Michael Rich, another possible stage winner, is in at 22:05.

On OLN, Paul Sherwen just reported that he had talked to somebody at Liberty Seguros, and that Joseba Beloki is 5 kilograms (~11 pounds) overweight for the Tour.

Alexandre Vinokourov comes in at 21:44, still good enough for second so far -- Zabriskie was just flying.

Levi Leipheimer is on the road, as is double world time-trial champion Michael Rogers. Leipheimer is in at 22:04, good for 7th, for now.

ROGERS COMES IN at 22:44! Not good for the Aussie.

Floyd Landis comes in at 21:53 -- that's 4th at the moment (12:45 Eastern).

Hincapie comes in 3rd so far, at 21:48!

Armstrong is off! He's not wearing the yellow jersey, as he could. He says he only wants to wear the jersey if he's earned it. He pulled out of his pedal right at the bottom of the start ramp. He also had pedal problems at the Dauphiné Libéré.

Brad McGee, another consensus pick to challenge for the stage win, comes in placed 15th. Zabriskie has a shot at wearing yellow tonight.

Ullrich is 42 seconds back of Zabriskie at the first time check, while Armstrong comes through 3 seconds back, or 39 seconds up on Ullrich. Armstrong has a big pink rabbit in sight, and he's closing the gap!

At the 2nd time gap, Armstrong is 3 seconds faster than Zabriskie, and he's passed Jan Ullrich on the road!


BBC Sport | Tour de France opening stage

The BBC offers some photos from today's warm-up and TT: Bodrogi and Zabriskie are already up in the gallery, with more to come.

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Is it true that there is no internet live radio coverage in English this year? What happened?

Posted by: brian at Jul 2, 2005 12:28:29 PM

This looks like a nice site, but there are many riders that I would love to follow. Lance is not the only one in there. I like that you have others listed, but is there an easy way to see the standings of each day?

Posted by: Michelle at Jul 3, 2005 1:44:13 PM

Same question as above re internet radio coverage.
Last year the OLN site provided this and was much enjoyed during working hours.
What's the problem this year.
Like many others, today is first day back at work since the start of the Tour and I was really looking forward to the team time trial coverage on the radio, but could not find it anywhere.
Why oh why does American media sports coverage always seem to take two steps forward and three steps back.
Despite the early efforts of Greg LeMond, it was like the media only discovered cycling as a sport after Lance had won the Tour 3 or 4 times.
Even up to two years ago, it seemed like only enthusiasts could find their way to OLN and the internet. Now, everyone is on the bandwagon, and the actual coverage is so much worse.

Posted by: Tom Kelly at Jul 5, 2005 11:27:27 AM

Same comment as the other two re: radio coverage. I was so excited to turn it on while i was typing away at work, but I haven't been able to find it. BIG disappointment as OLN is not part of the regular old cable package! Looks like my only Tour coverage this year will be via internet articles and maybe SportsCenter, if they are cool enough to have any highlights. Nothing live at all! Hello America- there are more than four sports that people care about....

Posted by: Sarah at Jul 5, 2005 4:08:28 PM

Live radio coverage, up until today at least, has been on www.eurosport.com in english. But frustratingly today they have some athletics coverage streamed from the stage instead of the race! Very irritating.

Posted by: Debbie Abuhelewa at Jul 12, 2005 7:33:09 AM

There is live coverage in English at www.eurosport.com. They're doing a cool interview with Davis Phinney (www.davisphinney.org) as they're commenting on the break up the road. Sean Kelly is a commentator, very cool!


Posted by: Michael at Jul 15, 2005 9:51:35 AM

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