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July 15, 2005

Valverde abandons at Stage 13 feed zone

From the official Tour website:

15:11 - Valverde Has Been Sick...
Valverde has been at the back of the peloton for most of the stage. The leader of the Best Young Rider classification is about to abandon his first Tour de France.

15:13 - Valverde Calls It Quits

The winner of the stage to Courchevel has just abandoned the Tour de France. He has been ill for the past couple of days. He stepped into the Illes Balears team car in the feedzone.


CNN.com | Valverde's Tour wrecked by injury

"I'm in good condition, but it's impossible with my knee," he said. "I guess it's better to stop now. It's already a great achievement to win a stage like Courchevel," he told journalists before the stage start.

Valverde said he might take part in the Spanish Vuelta if his knee condition permitted.

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I'm not against Lance Armstrong, I just like rooting for the underdog. Imagine a finish to the tour in the individual time trial on July 23rd. like Greg LeMonde's win by 8 seconds back in the mid '80's. I was jumping up and down in my living room screaming at LeMonde - Allez, Allez. That's the kind of excitement the tour can bring. With Tricki Beltran out the playing field is still far from level, but moving in the right direction. Sunday is Rasmussen's last chance. He has to pick his time and ride the ride of his life. A head to head race against Armstrong up the last climb. Remember Armstrong and Ullrich at the bottom of Alpe d'Huez. Now that's excitement.

Posted by: Ted Moryto at Jul 15, 2005 12:46:22 PM

I'm a big fan of cycling, but never did follow much of the rules and processes. Can anyone tell me why they award points on the TDF?
Many thanks.

Posted by: hypervans at Jul 16, 2005 8:04:50 AM