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July 20, 2005

Vino to T-Mobile: I'm out of here

Eurosport | Vinokourov confirms T-Mobile exit Alexandre Vinokourov told T-Mobile today he's leaving the team at the end of the year. Vinokourov wants to be a team's Tour captain, and will sign with a new team once the Tour finishes. Eurosport tags Credit Agricole as the Kazakh's likely destination. They already have one strong Kazakh, Andrey Kashechkin, currently 2nd in the white jersey competition. Another possibility: AG2R, likely to make the jump into the ProTour next season. Discovery's Johan Bruyneel threw cold water on the possibility that Discovery will sign Vinokourov:

"He is definitely one of the most talented and intelligent riders of the peloton," the Belgian technician admitted. "But I don't think he'll ever be capable of winning the Tour de France."

Vino is represented by Tony Rominger, the Vuelta and Giro winner of the early '90s.

Posted by Frank Steele on July 20, 2005 in Alexandre Vinokourov, Andrey Kashechkin | Permalink


If only Ullrich would follow Vino's lead and leave the comfort of T-Mobile. Perhaps then he would regain the spark he seemed to show in 1997 and 2003. A parternship between Riis and Ullrich would be ideal.

Posted by: Out of True at Jul 20, 2005 10:04:51 AM

Not very likely since Basso just signed a new contract with CSC.

Posted by: Dennis at Jul 20, 2005 12:34:26 PM

I'm surpised at Bruneel's comment. That's jsut the sort of smackdownk that someone like Vino and his entire new team could use to inspire future inhuman efforts.

And for those in glass houses, we could easily say this:

"Discovery is definitely one of the most talented and intelligent teams of the peloton, but (without Lance) I don't think they'll ever be capable of winning the Tour de France."

Posted by: Out4Blood at Jul 20, 2005 1:47:06 PM

Dennis -- I agree. Unfortunately, working with Riis is an opportunity that appears to be no longer available to Ullrich unless, of course, Ullrich gives up his hopes of winning the TdF and decides to concentrate on other races, leaving that race to Basso. I don't see much chance of that happening, though, particularly if both Kloden adn Vino leave T-Mobile.

Posted by: Out of True at Jul 20, 2005 2:09:51 PM

Vinokourov seems like too much of a hot head to win the Tour. He seems to compete on physical ability only, without strategy or good judgement. It seems like luck when his yo-yoing happens to coincide with winning a stage.

Posted by: Devans at Jul 20, 2005 11:21:59 PM

I'd like to think what Bruyneel meant is that Vino is not the type of rider to stake a teams long term hopes upon. Vino is a wild card - like Iban Mayo except more consistant in success. As we saw in the early stages, Vino has the capacity to blow the field apart - for the field knows that if he's on, he can ride away from the peleton. But like Mayo, Vino is capable of blowing up himself.

Posted by: bains at Jul 21, 2005 11:33:27 PM

Why does Vinokourov not wear the traditional pink jersey of T Mobile ??

Posted by: Curious at Jul 24, 2005 11:43:33 AM