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June 19, 2006

Full provisional rider list posted

letour.fr | Tour de France 2006 Provisional Riders' list

Tour organizers have posted the provisional start list for all teams now. The only incomplete squad I see is the CSC squad, released yesterday (the Tour site doesn't note the alternates), and the Française des Jeux squad, which still lists Bradley McGee as riding.

Now we'll wait to see if anyone falls over a TV cable, or launches through the back window of a pacing car, between now and July 1st.

(Via rec.bicycles.racing.)

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So, does this mean that Vino is officially starting? Wurth is listed in the provisional list. The last I had heard, the Tour was still thinking of excluding Wurth, if they could get some evidence from Spain.


Posted by: Kirby Files at Jun 20, 2006 2:35:27 PM