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June 30, 2006

Images from Strasbourg

Velogal's Cycling Race Blog

Sammarye “Velogal” Lewis is stuck stateside for the Tour this year, but she's got pictures so fresh they smell funny up at her weblog.

They're by Mark Shimahara, whose BikeZen site will be featuring his pictures from the Tour this year. She's also linked to CarolineYang.com, where we can expect Tour pics.

Landis has lost quite a few kgs since the Tour de Georgia; he looks as thin as I can remember seeing him.

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Caroline Yang's photos are sure to be stunning. I met her at the World Short Track Speedskating Championships in March. That event was her first time shooting short track and her images were among the most stunning I've seen taken of the sport.

Posted by: noelle at Jun 30, 2006 6:58:44 PM