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June 30, 2006

Photos from Tours gone by

There's an absolutely gorgeous slideshow of Tour images from the '30s to about 1990 available here. It's a collection of mostly black-and-white images from the Magnum photo gallery. There are a few shots of racers, but more of the fans, announcers, and setting of the race.

I can't make out head or tail of the commentary, but it appears to be provided by Danish director and Tour commentator Jorgen Leth.

I'm pleased and very honored that TdFblog gets a link at the end.

Coincidentally, the Magnum in Motion podcast series (RSS/XML subscription link | direct movie link) is currently featuring a similar presentation by Larry Towell on Mennonites, which may be of interest if you would like to learn more about the culture in which Floyd Landis grew up.

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