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July 10, 2006

A big mess, too chaotic to control

The quote from Boonen, after Stage 6 that it's been, "a big mess, too chaotic to control," sums up the first week of the tour the best. Without a boss, or patron, the tour isn't easy to predict, wide open, and going into the mountains the chaos will continue. Landis is the favorite, reveals his degenerative hip condition, and I think will ride away from everyone in the mountains.

The Landis announcement also fuels the rumor that he's going to ride for Postal and it'll be announced when he's in yellow and Lance arrives to visit Discovery and presumably give them a "pep talk." Biggest surprises

  • Discovery not in the top ten -- as Johan said after the TT, "if Jan was here, he'd win"
  • Odd TT - I've never seen a TT quite like that in all the years I've been watching the tour
  • Levi's off day - they've all had bad days, but to do it then, during the TT ended his podium bid

T-Mobile has risen to the task without Jan and CSC has paid their dues with crashes and no Basso. There's also been the continuing Operation Puerto news including the firing of Pevenage, and scandalous details. What's most difficult about the dossier, is that we get it in pieces, without a full 60-minutes style accounting. Personally, my man crush for Jan was shaken, and I've been in a funk over it. I really don't know if Jan is guilty, don't want him to be. I've been routing for him as long as I've been into this sport.

However, reading about Landis in the NYTimes reinvigorated my love of the sport, which honestly had been really shaken.

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