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July 01, 2006

Discovery Channel prologue report

Discovery Channel clearly wants Hincapie to look like the team leader here. “Friend of Lance” Bob Roll is touting him, and Graham Watson touts him in his prologue analysis at ThePaceline.com (the Discovery Channel's fan club). We'll find out in a couple of weeks if that's the plan or just the bluff. Liz Kreutz has two (1 | 2) great galleries of Discovery Channel riders prepping for and riding the prologue; my favorite is the portrait of Ekimov at right. Procycling.com has Page 6-worthy dish on Hincapie:
It has been suggested that Armstrong-acolyte Hincapie needs to develop a nasty streak if he’s ever to fill the Lance-shaped void in the Discovery Channel ranks. Judging by George’s bike and helmet-throwing antics beyond the finish-line today, that search can be considered over. Not since Robbie McEwen last sprinted has a bicycle been wielded with such menace.
The Houston Chronicle offers an interview with Johan Bruyneel and George Hincapie on Discovery post-Armstrong, as well.

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