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July 25, 2006

Floyd Landis roundup

Landis on Champs ElyseesTour winner Floyd Landis is racing at least a couple of European criteriums before returning to the US for some personal appearances, including a race in Chicago in mid-August, and a consultation on his osteonecrotic hip, which he hopes to have replaced in the next month.

Depending on the checkup, he may also race the Tour of Britain from August 29th through September 3rd.

CyclingNews offers a Floyd Landis rider's profile with a photo gallery of Landis throughout the Tour, and another angle on the post-race interview Landis gave reporters.

Greg Lemond called this year's Tour “the best of all time,” and said Landis is “clean, and what's more, he's a great guy.”

At left, “Thanks from the champion !” by Hugo*/Hughes Leglise-Bataille, part of his excellent Tour de France photoset from Sunday.

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In this associated press article, Lance mentions the influence he had on Landis

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