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July 01, 2006

Hamilton could get lifetime ban, Ullrich and Basso 4 years

VeloNews | McQuaid: Hamilton facing lifetime ban; four years possible for Ullrich, Basso

UCI chief Pat McQuaid told VeloNews that Tyler Hamilton could face a lifetime ban if claims that he was a client of a sports doping ring in Madrid are proven.

“With the evidence which we seem to see in this dossier, he's gone for life,” McQuaid told VeloNews on Saturday. “The implications for the riders in the case are two years from WADA code and two years from the ProTour, that's four years. And Hamilton, a ban for life. That would be a second offense.”

McQuaid also maintains that Hamilton can't return from his suspension in September, because his punishment wasn't finalzed until 2005, when the ProTour doping rules took effect, stacking a two-year World Anti-Doping Agency suspension and a two-year UCI suspension, effectively keeping riders out of the sport for 4 years.

The UCI expects to see the full 500-page Spanish Civil Guard report on Monday, but the UCI, the Amaury Sport Organisation, which sponsors the Tour, and the involved teams have all seen an executive summary outlining key evidence against riders.

McQuaid also told Reuters Saturday that cyclists were not Dr. Fuentes' only clients:

“Only riders have been named so far. But many footballers, tennis players and [track and field] athletes are on the list.”

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And Hamilton, a ban for life. That would be a second offense.

Wow! How's that logic work? His second offense occurred before his first offense? Look, he got caught, he's doing his time; if he doesn't screw up again, he gets to ride. You can't ban him for life because he did it multiple times before he got caught. Did David Millar use EPO just once? If he used it on two occasions I guess he's banned for life too.

And now McQuaid wants to retroactively extend his current sentence to four years. Give me a break... why doesn't he focus on hunting down the remaining dopers in the peloton, instead of kicking a poor guy when he's down?

Posted by: Hugh Winkler at Jul 1, 2006 5:29:32 PM

Fair comment. Tyler couldn't possibly be sentenced for his 2nd offence given he actually hasn't done anything (that we know of anyway) since testing positive for the first time in 2004...

Still, the "iBelieveTyler" campaign seems rather quiet of late, doesn't it?

Posted by: Rhys at Jul 2, 2006 2:21:21 AM

I know in our country, you cannot be tried twice for same offense, and would this not be the same offense? But then we are talking about Europe where you are guilty until proven innocent. In some aspects, they are getting things right and handling things much harsher than the US Pro Sporting Leagues - yes direct aim at Baseball (hope I piss off a couple of people), because immediate suspension is the right answer for doping problems.

Posted by: Upton at Jul 4, 2006 12:30:01 AM

It is a fine time to start pointing fingers at those who could take it away again from the French or even the Spanish. It is sad, that the Tour Officialls have spent 7 years trying to find evidence on Lance but came up empty handed. At the end of it all, we have finger pointing it seems that they only way to win the tour is to take out your compition before the race starts. Accusing without evidence is pretty sad. I like to watch this tour, but with all this riders in question of doping has made the tour look pretty sad. It was sad to win by doping but now with finger pointing without evidence has become a new time low. So the French Press and the Tour Officials have spent seven years to get Lance now the Spanish press started with all the Big Contenders for this Tour. So, my hats off to the French and The Spanish to win the race without any opponents. So wants win really bad the French, Spain or UCI because they want their "special" rider to win also. The Tour De France is open to any team that wants to compete. So, If The Tour De France wants a tour that the French or Spain could win the hold a tour for those two countries! If I was promoter, I would get those boys who go their names cleared and create a team called "we are against doping".

Posted by: Phil at Jul 4, 2006 4:53:54 PM

They REALLY don't want an american to win the tour. They banned even Basso & Ullrich. Hopefully a frenchman can win the tour now.

Posted by: pr at Aug 1, 2006 1:15:16 AM