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July 13, 2006

Julich offers commentary on Stage 11

ESPN.com | Julich Diary: Passing big tests at Tour and at home

Bobby Julich was glued to his set with the rest of us watching today's stage. When T-Mobile went to the front and turned up the heat, he had to get on his trainer and do an hour of tempo riding, even though he still can't hold the bar and could barely throw his leg over the bike after his Stage 7 crash.

Julich handicaps Leipheimer, Landis, and Hincapie after today's action: He thinks Leipheimer can still go top 5, “if not the podium.” He gently second-guesses Hincapie's GC chances, if in fact that was ever Discovery's plan. And on Landis:

Riders will attack him in the Alps next week, but Landis is not scared of anything. If something does happen where he isn't the overall leader in Paris, it won't be because of nerves. He has nerves of steel.

Julich still hopes to return for the Tour of Germany at the beginning of August.

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