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July 16, 2006

Stage 13 photo gallery roundup

Voigt on Stage 13 podium
Voigt on the podium, by Caroline Yang.

Lavender AND sunflowers Backstedt fights the heat Voigt edges Pereiro on line
Lavender+bikes+sunflowers=perfect Tour shot? , Backstedt fights the heat, and Voigt leads Pereiro over line, by Graham Watson.

Hincapie at rest McEwen and Landis Pereiro's dream day
Hincapie at rest, McEwen and Landis chat, Pereiro's big day from CyclingNews.com Stage 13 photo gallery.

Four-man break Jens Voigt Pereiro in yellow
The winning break, Voigt victorious, Pereiro in amarillo, by Mark Shimahara at BikeZen.


BBC Sport | Tour de France 2006 Stage 13 photo gallery

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