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July 09, 2006

There are no shortcuts

After reading What He's Been Pedaling, a NYTimes Magazine feature on Floyd Landis that discloses his chronically diseased hip, I remembered my favorite quote of the year from Cindy Lauper (also in NYTtimes Magazine). She was asked about American Idol and said, "I think that's garbage. I think there are no shortcuts to get to where you are going." She's absolutely correct, as Landis said in the interview, "Things end. We’re all going to die. But until that happens, there’s really a lot you can do. Especially if you realize this is your last opportunity." That same attitude made Landis brave enough to tell Lance to screw himself and engage him in a spiteful feud.

With all the action in the Tour, dramas, and the spectacles, what impresses me is all that those riders go through to get there. To read about what Landis has done with his body, overcoming that pain, proves that there are no shortcuts.

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