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July 24, 2006

T-Mobile turmoil

Eurosport.com | T-Mobile in upheaval

Quoting from a story today in Bild, Eurosport says that both manager Olaf Ludwig and director Mario Kummer have been fired by T-Mobile, to be replaced by T-Mobile women's team leader Bob Stapleton and former rider Rolf Aldag.

T-Mobile confirms that changes are coming, but says any greater role for Stapleton and Aldag wouldn't necessarily require a change in Ludwig's job.

Michael Rogers, their three-time world TT champion, has repeatedly complained about the team's tactics in the Tour, and the sponsors apparently agree, hence the changes.

Also, despite twice finishing on the Tour podium, and clearly riding as the team's leader in the Tour, Andreas Klöden says he's being ignored by the team's management:

“My agent Tony Rominger has already received three contract offers but none has come from T-Mobile even though I've already expressed my desire to continue to ride for this team.

This despite Klöden's impressive showing after missing the run-up to the Tour because of a March shoulder injury, and his conviction that he could win the 2007 Tour.

Also, over at ThePaceline.com (free reg. req.), Chris Brewer tips a major signing by Discovery Channel, to be announced tomorrow morning.

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