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July 23, 2006

To all the Bike Huggers

When Frank and I were first discussing Bike Hugger, nearly a year ago, we planned on launching it in time for the Tour, STP, and the summer cycling season. That all went well and according to plan, but we didn't expect such a great response and for the blog to find an audience so quickly. I've published lots of blogs for clients and my own projects, even wrote a book about blogging, and have never had readers write demanding schwag! In response, we're rushing shirts and more into print.

So to Frank and all the fellow Bike Huggers, big props and thanks. There'll be even more Bike Hugger going into the Fall and next season, including a sponsored women's cycling team, socks, stickers, and maybe a whole line. We'll be discussing all that, the world's most amazing ride, this year's tour, and more over coffee and on rides.

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