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August 14, 2006

Bob Roll interview with Utah NPR

KCPW | Star Cycling Commentator Sounds-Off

Julie Rose interviews former pro and OLN commentator Bob Roll, in Utah for the just-completed Tour of Utah, won by HealthNet's Scott Moninger.

Roll talks about OLN's ratings, doping and testing in cycling, and the Floyd Landis case.

Roll says “there's not enough testosterone in the world to triple your testosterone levels in a 24-hour period...I believe Floyd in that.”

He also calls cycling “the cleanest professional sport in the world.”

Note that there are two "listen" widgets on the page -- the first is just a preview; the second is the full 20 minutes of (a pretty subdued, actually) Bobke.

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cycling is the cleanest professional sport in the world? is this guy for real?

it may have more tests that other professional sports, but the tests are not making it clean. the police and judicial authorities are catching more junkies and junk peddlers than the tests are.

Posted by: fmk at Aug 15, 2006 7:25:53 AM

If Landis wants to prove his innocence, he should submit to another recent test. He would not pass this test however, because he simply does not produce synthetic testosterone.....bottom line. When he failed miserably on stage 16, Phil Ligget commented that there was NO chance of an overnight recovery. When he crossed the finish line he was shaking his fist at anybody and anyone......a behavior that clearly shows an excessive amount of testosterone.....he didn't have this display at any time before. It's pretty obvious. I know he's friends with many people, but sadly enough even friends can screw up. Test for synthetic testosterone IS accurate. He robbed everyone of a tour de France and dishonored the sport. signed, a former USCF racer.

Posted by: Dr. Richard Allan at Aug 21, 2006 10:25:31 PM