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August 06, 2006

Foam Board Signs for Floyd

Supporting Floyd

(AP Photo/Francis Specker)

The AP reports that the locals believe Floyd and have rallied support for him. Reading this backgrounder on Floyd, you can see why.

"If they are lucky enough to be on their bikes when he comes along, they might end up riding a few miles with the man himself. "He'll tie in with anybody," says Matt Barringer of I.E. Bikes in Murrieta, Landis' hometown bike shop. "You'll be going along at a comfortable pace, talking, but then when he gets to a hill, he'll say goodbye and tell you he's got to hit the hill hard." Floyd's a pro that rides with the locals and expect that support to continue through this long struggle.

You'll find much less support from sports writers and Gwen Knapp writes about even sadder cycling tales.

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Could you do a profile on Pereiro? It's time to start treating the guy like the winner, sending congratulations et cetera. --Brian

Posted by: Brian Hill at Aug 6, 2006 9:43:10 PM

Good suggestion and from what I've read (while accounts differ), that's going to be a long process. That profile would be the unlikely jersey winner.

Posted by: DL Byron at Aug 7, 2006 10:17:27 AM

Not that it is considered binding in a court of law, but wouldn't be great if every athlete, in adition to the required drug test, also had to take a lie detector test as well. Maybe in the court of public opinion, this addion would tip the scale in either direction.

Posted by: bob crowley at Aug 8, 2006 5:13:59 PM